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E-Cargo Tarps designed and manufactured its first manually operated tarp system in response to an urgent need from the wood shaving transport industry. Aware of its markets’ growing needs, E-Cargo Tarps rapidly introduced the electrical operation system as well as the multi-gear system. E-Cargo Tarps’s tarping systems can be fitted on any type of open roof trailers and are renowned for their water tightness, the toughness of their anchoring hooks and for being easy and quick to operate. Versatile, they are built for any type of bulk transportation. E-Cargo Tarps systems protect your cargo from bad weather, reduce the risk of accidents for operators and generate sizable fuel savings.

E-Cargo Tarps’s mechanical tarp systems are side operated. The anchoring of the tarp to the truck is characterized by a set of polyurethane parts developed right here at E-Cargo Tarps. These specific parts make for unparalleled efficiency thus facilitating the operators’ work. Our systems also provide a supporting arch for extra reliability.

The use of aluminum tubes, to handle the tarp, is a major and essential asset to the development of a high end and superior quality mechanical tarp system. The tensioners designed by E-Cargo Tarps, which allows ease of handling, as well as the Ferrari vinyl tarps, are two crucial elements to E-Cargo Tarps’s exceptional products. Last but not least, the availability of a full range of operated mechanisms offer infinite possibilities to meet the most demanding needs.

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