Dual mechanical tarp system made to cover a platform vehicle. It is built with bulk head structures to seal both ends of the body. It also has an upper plate supported by post in the center of the floor. An electrical mechanism is installed at each tarp to allow easy and efficient handling. The two upward side rollers gives you access from either side. It protects the cargo against weather conditions.

Upward Side Roller System 1301


Like all ElCargo’s mechanical tarp systems, the 1301 can be fitted to almost any flatbed. It offers the same benefits as all of ElCargo’s systems: water tightness, the toughness of their anchoring hooks, easy and quick to operate and most of all it will allow you to cover your cargo easily. Versatile, designed for the transport of products to be handle on pallet. ElCargo systems protect your cargo from bad weather, while also protecting the environment.


  • Two independent electric motors
  • Optional wireless double remote control
  • Upper plate to support the wrapped tarps in the open position
  • Structural levers pivotable upwardly
  • Anchor blocks at the platform
  • Aluminum winding, center and anchoring tube
  • Opportunity for panoramic lettering (optional)
  • Webbing every 24 inches to increase the strength of the tarp
  • Unmatched customer service
  • Fits most flatbed trucks
  • Waterproof
  • Easy anchoring
  • Weatherproof cargo protection
  • 3-year warranty against all manufacturing defects
  • 21-ounce vinyl tarp and built-in reinforcement at contact point increase life
  • Complete color line

tarp colors
REF 1050
REF 1052
REF 1055
REF 1059
REF 1063
REF 1065
REF 1066
REF 1072
REF 1075
REF 8284