The mechanical brake 90-Degree gear box is used from the ground, at rear end this system is recommended for handling medium to large size tarps. Its 2:1 gear ratio facilitates the operation. The telescopic drive shaft option, releases the hinge of the door. The system is operated from the ground from the rear of the trailer. This product is a great option for operation at the back of the trailer as well as operation at the back of a b-train, when it is impossible to install an operating mechanism in the front or when there is insufficient space between trailers.

90-Degree Gear Box Mechanical Tarp System 301


Like all ElCargo’s mechanical tarp systems, the 301 can be fitted to almost any open top trailer. It offers the same benefits as all of ElCargo’s systems: water tightness, the toughness of their anchoring hooks, easy and quick to operate, and most of all, sizable fuel economy by as much as 14.93%. Versatile, they can handle any type of bulk transportation like sand, grain, hazmat, etc. ElCargo systems protect your cargo from bad weather, while also protecting the environment.


  • Ground operated from rear of trailer
  • Aluminum bulkhead available in heights from 10′ to 16′
  • Rear arch with closing tarp
  • Aluminum winding, center and anchoring tube
  • External rear tensionner (mechanism end)
  • Internal front tensionner
  • Central and rear robust steel cross bows
  • Approximate weight of system 90kg (200 lbs)
  • Telescopic command option to release the hinge of the door
  • Unmatched customer service
  • Fits most open roof trailers
  • Waterproof
  • Easy anchoring, no need for straps
  • Weatherproof cargo protection
  • Fuel saving by as much as 14.93%
  • 3-year warranty against all manufacturing defects
  • 21-ounce vinyl tarp and built-in reinforcement at contact point increase life
  • Complete color line

tarp colors
REF 1050
REF 1052
REF 1055
REF 1059
REF 1063
REF 1065
REF 1066
REF 1072
REF 1075
REF 8284