The Conestoga XP transforms a flatbed into a fully covered, weatherproof van in a matter of minutes. Instead of climbing over the trailer and tying down a tarp, the Conestoga XP allows drivers to cover and uncover cargo in minutes as they safely walk alongside the trailer.

Conestoga XP is the newest generation of rolling tarp systems from Aero Industries. Named after the covered wagon of early pioneers, Aero’s original Conestoga featured an innovative rolling tarp that covered and uncovered a flatbed trailer in minutes. Now, Conestoga XP adds many new features to improve this unique system and offers additional options.

Attractive, durable and easy to use, the Conestoga XP features a front and rear locking mechanism which allows the system to be locked in seconds and ensures uniform tarp tension. It also features steel wheels on a stainless steel track.

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